Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Parties!

In our June issue, we asked two fantastic event planners to throw the perfect summer party. And boy did they ever! Our friends at Soireés in Chattanooga threw a Swapping Soirée and Stephanie, our Entertaining contributor from You're Invited in Nashville threw a Garden Gathering.

Here is a look at their parties!

Swapping Soirée
Party by Soirées in Chattanooga

Gather 10 to 20 of your best friends together to host this swapping soiree, an up-and-coming trend that rivals the more common clothes-swap parties. This is great for fashionable women on a budget who are interested in cleaning out their houses and getting some cool new items in return. We chose to swap household items, but this party can be tailored to meet the needs and wants of your closest friends. All newlyweds? Swap kitchen items to ensure everyone has just what they need for cooking bliss! All moms? Swap kid’s furniture, toys and clothing to meet the need of your growing families. Hold this party at any time of day, inside or outside. For stay-at-home moms who need a break, host an afternoon swap or if you’re aiming for a more intimate event, swap in the evening. This party is easy to personalize! PHOTOGRAPHY by Holritz Photography

This casual invitation reads:
“Join Morgan for a
Swapping Soirée! Tired of some of your household items, but can’t find time for a yard sale? Bring 10 of your gently used, unwanted items to trade with your friends!”

Be sure to specify a
drop-off time for the items prior to the party.

Guests can sign their names on small clipboards or simple index cards placed next to the items they like. At the end of the party, draw names for items with multiple shoppers.

Garden Gathering
Party by You’re Invited in Nashville

A summer garden, girlfriends and good food are the perfect reasons to host this outdoor garden gala! It’s a great excuse to get together with some close friends and take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and blooming flowers we’re blessed with here in the South. To keep the party intimate, limit the guest list to about eight people. Host your party from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the perfect time for a light lunch and gathering with friends. (You can also hold the party indoors in a sunroom or screened in porch if the weather is too hot and humid.) Simple, delicious snacks and creative do-it-yourself decor add a personal touch to this whimsical summer party!
TEXT Stephanie Alexander Photography by Jonathon Campbell Photography

TIP: Incorporate your color scheme into every aspect of the party, from the tablescape and invitations to your clothing!

Rim drink glasses with colored sugar and arrange them on the table for a fun tablescape twist.

For more on these amazing parties, including recipes and DIY decor, pick up our June issue of At Home TN!


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