Monday, August 2, 2010

August Events

There is a lot going on in August!! Make sure to check out these events going on across TN during the month.

Through August 28
Shakespeare on the Square
Market Square Stage,

Through September 6
Birds & Bees Exhibit
Memphis Zoo
901. 333.6500,

August 5
Indigo Girls
Cheekwood Botanical
Garden and Museum,
Nashville, 615.356.8000,

August 5-8
World’s Longest Yard Sale
Corridor 127, Jamestown

August 6-8
Rockabilly Festival
International Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame, Jackson

August 7
Cocktails and Couture
Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville

August 7
Hohenwald Invitational Golf Tournament
Hohenwald Municipal Golf Course, Hohenwald

August 10-16
Elvis Week 2010
Graceland and other
locations, Memphis

August 12-14
Smokin’ in McMinnville Barbeque Cook Off
McMinnville Civic Center, McMinnville

August 14
Auction for the Arts
Macon County Fairgrounds, Lafayette

August 16-29
Can You Dig It?
Hands On Regional Museum,
Johnson City, 423.434.4263

August 17
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

August 19
Art After Dark with Beale Street Caravan
Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis

August 21
Bessie Smith Heritage Festival
Bessie Smith Cultural Center, Chattanooga

August 21
Hallowed Ground: A Lantern Tour of Stones River National Cemetery
Stones River National

August 21
Irwin Tools Night Race
Bristol Motor Speedway,

August 21
Butterfly Fund 5K Walk/Run
Cherokee Boulevard/Sequoyah Hills, Knoxville

August 21
East Tennessee Irish
World’s Fair Park, Knoxville

August 22
Herbie Hancock
Ryman Auditorium,

August 20-22
Davy Crockett Celebration
Davy Crockett State Park, Limestone

August 25- September 4
Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration
Historic Celebration Grounds, Shelbyville

August 26-28
Nashville’s Music City Annual BBQ Festival
River Front Park, Nashville

August 27
A Fine Wine Affair
Oaklands, Murfreesboro

August 27-28
Knoxville Jazz Festival
Krutch Park Extension,

August 27-29
4th Annual Home Design and
Remodeling Show

Knoxville Expo Center,

August 28
Happy Days Festival
Main Street, St. Joseph

August 28
Natalie Merchant
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

August 29
7 Bridges: The Ultimate Eagles Experience
Carnton Plantation, Franklin

September 3
Zoo Brew
Memphis Zoo


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